Booking Bubble Sheet

The QT Office team is in New Orleans for Leadership 2017 and to celebrate we will be giving away a lot of our freebies on our blog. If you are at Leadership and you LOVE our freebies stop by our booth and let our talented designers know.  So many of you have stopped by already and it really means to world to us.



 I have often heard it said that “a tracked number grows” I tried to find out where this quote originated with no luck, what I did find was a ton of articles for success people in all walks of life that truly feel it helps them achieve their goals. Many Mary Kay® consultants track their booking attempts using a booking booking bubble sheet,  our designers at QT Office designers a super cute one for you to use.

Booking Bubble Sheet

As always we are having our biggest sale of the year! Half price setup on Digital Business Cards and $1 setup for a new Unit or Area Website or App, or $2 for setup of a Website/App combo.

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