10 Secrets to Success by Mary Kay NSD Carol Anton

Mary Kay NSD Carol Anton
(Image Credit: Mary Kay InTouch®)

I live by the rule “never take advice from someone you would not want to trade places with”.  I heard this many years ago and it has served me well.  I take advice from people in many different categories, some people I learned about finances or business; others guide me on love and marriage.  Of course, some people over lap and I am inspired and taught by them in many areas in my life. Below is an article by Mary Kay National Sales Director Carol Anton. This is business advice that any entrepreneur could learn from, and I am thankful to have great leaders and mentors like Carol to take advice from. 

10 Secrets to Success by NSD Carol Anton

1. Always take full responsibility for your life.

2. Live your life with purpose.

~ Find a cause and then your success is guaranteed.

3. Are you willing to pay the price of your dreams?

4. Stay focused- no matter what!

5. Build credibility for yourself as an expert in your field.

~ Subscribe to beauty magazines, take training classes. etc.

6.  Always have a written plan for your goals and dreams.

~ Then work backwards from your goal breaking it down into bite-size achievable pieces.

7. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

~ Don’t Quit!

8. Follow through with your work.

~ TNT: today, not tomorrow- Procrastination is your worse enemy!

9. Commitment- Be your word.

~ Your word is your bond, under-promise & over deliver

10.  Be ready for opportunity when it comes

~ and take advantage of it!

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