3 ways that helping others can help grow your Mary Kay® Team

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Mary Kay is such a unique business opportunity; not only do you have the adaptability to change your world, but you are encouraged to help others along the way.  In fact the more you help other the more you grow!

Today’s topic is:

“3 ways that helping others can help grow your Mary Kay® Team”.


1. Show your leadership skills

Can you name one person that has inspired you in Mary Kay®? Maybe it’s a top Director or national, Maybe It’s Mary Kay herself, Maybe it’s a consultant that is a single mom that somehow just “makes it happen”.


Take the lessons you have learned from this person (or people) and put your own spin on it. Look around, you are surrounded with success stories and YOU can be the success story for someone else!


Show your leadership skills at:


Unit meetings

Company events

Conference calls

On Training CD’s

If you have a weak area, then you can become a leader in that area by overcoming it. First identify your weakness, and then find someone that overcame it and ask them how they did it. Take the skills you learn and teach it to others.


Help your own team by helping identify their weaknesses and partnering them with someone that has overcame it. If you would like to learn more about helping consultants identify their weaknesses (and strengths) then you may want to read the blog:



“Double your recruits by holding a Mary Kay® inner-view”


2. Offer the opportunity:


Mary Kay ash always said, “everyone loves to buy, but nobody likes being sold” .


The same is true with the Mary Kay® career opportunity. You want people to see you as a leader offering a opportunity not a “saleswoman” that is trying to recruit them.  Some ways to overcoming looking like a “saleswomen” is to offer the opportunity to people who already love your products and services.


We hear time and time again from our top directors that you want “quality over quantity”. If you have to pull someone over the finish line then they will just slow you down.  So, don’t focus on people that don’t want to be helped, focus on POSITIVE and MOTIVATED people. Some great examples are hard working moms that want to bring in extra money but can’t work a normal 9 to 5, or the collage student that is motivated to start their own business (the business school is a GREAT place to start!).


See the blog: “Raise the bar and watch your Mary Kay® unit/ team grow


Team building is definitely where you want to bring in quality people, I have heard this concept referred to many times as chickens and eagles.  I want you to love yourself enough and your business enough to commit to recruiting based on quality and values.  This will grow your team so much faster; not only will you have the right people but you will have quality motivated people that want to add the their team as well and you WILL NOT have the negative people bringing EVERYONES mood down.


3. Help your team get what they want


Mary Kay is GREAT at this; I really do see women helping women.   Take a moment to step back and from thinking, “how can I get her to sign up”, and “think how can I help her get want she wants”.


See the blog:

“Double your recruits by holding a Mary Kay® inner-view”

 If you do this when it is your turn to reach a big goal then your team will rally together for you and want to be a part of making YOUR dreams come true!

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