4 free videos for Mary Kay® Directors only from the “Pink Caddy Coach”

My good friend Sean Smith recently released a series of training videos on how to be an authentic, effective and influential leader.


He has been flown out to speak for a ton of Nationals and top directors and he has opened up 4 free videos on Mary Kay® Training for our blog readers.

It’s for MK Directors only. The training is designed on how to improve your leadership skills, but if you are a DIQ, you may want to check them out as well and get off to the right start teaching your team.

He has a way of simplifying some of the most complicated concepts, and he has been coaching Sales Directors to bigger results for many years.


This is a MUST see video series!

click on the TV below to see the videos.

mary kay tv, mary kay director training

He released them one at a time over
several weeks but you can watch all
4 right now!

Video 1 –> Wake Em Up!

Video 2 –> Myths & Truths

Video 3 –> Magnetic Leadership

Video 4 –> Go FASTER!

Go check them out and let me know
what you think!


mary kay director traing, wise choice for your unit
Jamie Hogan


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