5 Quick Tips for Mary Kay® Business Networking Follow Up

mary kay networking, mary kay follow upThe number one rule of following up is to actually follow up.

A day of networking, an event or even warm chattering with someone when you are out and about is only beneficial if you FOLLOW UP.  This is really what separates the pros, knowing you have a great product to offer and taking action soon after you meet.

A few quick tips to help you maximize your follow up:

1. Have a ton of business cards and blank cards

Mary Kay® business cards with the tear off portion are genius. I find that most people do not follow up after a networking event and I’m OK with that. I feel it makes my call stand out even more if someone attended an event or expo and my company followed up promptly and politely before they are a customer. What does that say about the customer service I provide once they are using my product?

2. Make notes before you forget

I make quick notes to remind myself of what I talked to the person about.  That way when I do my follow up I have a topic of conversation that I feel comfortable talking about.  I use a Sharpie® because it writes on business cards with a “glossy” finish.

3. Tell them how you are going to follow up

Will you call in a few days, or maybe will you call to set up a coffee date? This works great for two reasons. First, it lets them know my follow up is coming, and I don’t have “phone fears” about it because I have made my plan clear.  Second, and this is my favorite part, 9 times out of 10 when I say something like “I will be calling you the beginning of next week” they will respond with the best way to reach them. When they do this it sets me up for even more success.

4. Do not feel rejected of you have a hard time getting in touch with the person

If you make a call like you said you would, but you do not touch base with the person, you must not take it personally. Reaching out personally one time is often times not enough. The top directors and nationals know it is always a numbers game, and that includes how many people you offer your product to and how far you are willing to go to actually get them in front of you to try Mary Kay® and hear about the opportunity. If I have called and haven’t gotten in touch with someone, then I simply try again and then if I still haven’t heard back from them I sent a polite card. You never know what is going on in their life so always remind yourself that just because they don’t respond back does not mean they are not interested. When all else fails put the card back in a safe place and wait 2 to 3 months and try again. Most importantly do not have negative feeling towards them or yourself!

5.  Let them make the choice

If they make the decison about when you will follow up they are more likely to keep the appointment. So ask them “what’s better for you, morning or evening” and “what day is better, Tuesday or Wednesday”.

Remember you are a winner just because you took action in your business.


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