How to grow your Mary Kay® Business in Two Easy Steps (Part 2)

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Last week in our article “How to grow your Mary Kay Business in Two Easy Steps (Part 1) We went over the two basic ideas to keep your business thriving.

  • Bring in Business – You should always look for new business if you would like to continue to grow. You can never get to comfortable with your level of success or you risk the danger of back-tracking your Mary Kay® Business and working even harder just to get back to the place you are now.
  • Create Raving Fans – You worked hard to get your current customers, and it’s MUCH easier to keep a customer than it is to get a new one, and Happy Mary Kay® customers refer you to new Mary Kay® Customers (this is true in any business).

Today we are going to look at some ways to keep bringing in business, and ways to create raving fans (which will bring in new business for you as well as the new ones I suggest here).

Ways to Bring in Business

There are a lot of ways you probably already have been taught to bring in business and you should be doing these as well. My goal is to help you think of a few new ones that you may have not of thought of, or help you focus on an additional strategy for an additional boost. So, I’ll share a few ideas that top directors have shared with me over the years.

  • Consider building a “power-group”, a group of like-minded business professionals that rely on referrals for their own business. For example: A wedding planner will constantly be around women that are in need of skin care, bridal parties, and these are women that are also in need of your services. A realtor meets new people moving into the area all the time, and some of these women may be looking for an additional stream of income. If you would like to build your own power group, then get a list of complimentary (but non-competing) businesses that work with the same client base as you, then find a person to fill each one of these roles (but only one, because the system does not work if you have two people in one role… How would you like it if the group wanted two Mary Kay Sales Professionals?). Above all else though, don’t be afraid to give referrals first, then ask for them in return. If you give referrals to others, then they will want to “pay you back”.
  • Make friends with “Gate Keepers” such as hotel managers or florists, and think about services you can offer (especially around the holidays) that makes their life easier. See our Article on “A great Valentines day gift idea for your Mary Kay Business” for the “big Idea” that can dramatically increase your sales.
  • Ask other successful business owners (especially successful Mary Kay® Sales Directors) how they “did it”. This is one business that you can count on for the “go give” attitude.
  • Be creative! Instead of putting a flyer up or Facebook post that says “Looking for Mary Kay products?” consider a more focused flyer; something that offers a solution to a problem. For instance, “Dark Circles” under your eyes? I can fix that in 2 minutes.
  • Be consistent. This is the number one key to success!!!! and I cannot stress it enough. You can also identify what worked in the past, and be consistent in doing this activity/promotion more often.

Ok, now lets talk about “raving fans”. A raving fan is someone who is so happy with your service that they cannot wait to tell other people about you. The best part is that this can be the easiest way to get new business, because they are already “sold” on you before they even meet you.

I’m not talking about just gift wrapping your products before you deliver them (although this is a good idea). I’m talking about the “wow” moment. I love giving the “wow” moment to someone when I can, it’s a GREAT feeling. You obviously cannot “wow” everyone all the time, but you should look for opportunities when they arise. I remember recently, one of my QT’s posted on Facebook that she had just had a new baby, and she seemed super nice. I decided I would send her a little baby warming gift. It was part “thank you” for being my customerand part “congratulations” on the new baby. I wasn’t expecting anything to come out of it (I really just wanted to be nice), but she put a fantastic testimonial on, made a Facebook post on her wall, and has referred us many new customers. And you know what else? It felt GREAT knowing that I made her day.

Remember that the “wow” moment happens when we appreciate someone and it’s unexpected. Remember that, “unexpected appreciation”. A coupon for a discount after selling a product would not count (because there is obvious benefit to your business), but remembering that your customer’s birthday (and dropping a quick non-salesy birthday care in the mail) can go a long way, especially if it’s a hand-written note. A combination of sales and non sales communication is the perfect mix to building relationships, and you never know, on a casual call you could make your biggest sale. Just because you don’t bring it up does not mean they will not!

If you have any other great ideas on how to “bring in business” or how to “create raving fans” I would love to hear them. Please share them in the comments below.

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