A great tip for Selling Mary Kay Products in bulk

Office max bag mary kayWe had a QT write in and ask for a great tip to quickly clear out some products that have been on their shelf collecting dust (and not making her any money). I was trying to think of which one of the great ideas that have been sent in over the years from our Directors (there are a lot of great ones).

While I was trying to think about which one to share I decided to take a little shopping trip to pick up some printer ink for the office. I just happend to go to Office Max and was handed a paper bag on the way in. The bag had the simple words “20% Off anything you can fit into this bag” written on the side. What a fantastic idea!

Instead of offering 20% off select products, why not let your customers choose? (and fill the bag to the brim)! You will also get to see what your customers like.

If you would like to clear out older items, you can remove any current ones that are selling well before you hand the bag out. Inviting several people to the “bag party” would also invite a little friendly competition.

Want to take it even a step further? How about putting markers on the page (10% off at a certian level of the bag, 20% for half full and 30% for all the way to the top).

And if you would like to track those sales, automate the follow up with the customers that purchased products and have a detailed history of what they bought then we invite you to see how you can do all this and more with QT Office.

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This entry was posted in QT Office® on June 14, 2011