A pic to make you think about your Mary Kay® Warm Chatter fears

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I logged onto my Facebook account yesterday and saw that someone posted a picture that made me think a few comments:

 1. Awww, that’s cute!

2. What a brave guy!

3. Wow, this little deer has NO FEAR!

Then I thought, if this little deer can walk up to a dog 6 times it’s size and share a little nuzzle then why are we so AFRAID of sharing a wonderful business opportunity?

I mean, what’s the worse that can happen if you share your Mary Kay® Business with someone? …probably that they would say they are not interested. … This (Brave) little deer could face a lot worse! Not to mention, you could change someones life for ever.

So, get out there and start sharing your MK® business with a few strangers…. they may want a little “nuzzle” after all!

p.s. This is not the actually picture that was posted; the picture that was posted was a little deer that got separated from her mother and walked up to the family dog. It was a REAL picture of a sweet little deer taking a chance. =)


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