Are you no longer able to grow you Mary Kay business?

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One great thing about my business is that I get to travel to Mary Kay® Events all the time. It helps me stay motivated, I get to meet new people far all over the world and learn from them all. 


Over the years, their is one common phrase I hear over and over (relating to growing your business) 


“The way you achieve more in your Mary Kay® Business is to help more people”.


 I agree 100%!


 This means sharing the MK® Opportunity and offering samples and facials to women you meet.  This makes a lot of sense, but a lot of Consultants and Directors worry that if they get too many customers then they 

may not be able to provide great customer service or if they get too many team-members then it will distract from their own business (this could also be fear of success, but that’s another topic for another day!)



So the million dollar question is how many consultants and customers can you handle?  There is not right or wrong answer to this, there are a lot of factors like family, work and other requirements and obligations;  everyone’s number would be different! 


Let’s say your “magic” number is 250 customers (pretty good number).


No matter how many people you reach out too, you will not be able to surpass that number. Every time you add a new customer you start having old customers fall off and your magic number evens out.  (and remember, this “magic” number is different for everyone)


The same is true for your unit size. Everyone has a different size unit they can handle.  There is no number that is wrong or too low, each and every person has different circumstances to their life.  Family size, other commitments we all have different organizational skills.  

That doesn’t mean you can’t learn to increase YOUR number though.



So, how do you increase your magic number to keep your business growing?


One word = SYSTEMS


To keep growing you must bring systems into your business.  This is how big company’s grow and maintain that growth. Every large business has had to put some systems into place to become as large as they are. Take for example: McDonnalds, the Military…. how about Mary Kay® herself?  She could not have created the success she has managed on her own. Systems come in all shapes and sizes.  These could be in the form of changing the way you do things, from hiring on help to software that makes running your Mary Kay® Business that much easier.



Where do you get started?



The first step:


 I always suggest is to make a list of what does and what does not need to get done (and I mean the things that REALLY need to get done, not the things we THINK has to get done or it’s the end of the world).


You would be amazed at the things you think are “must do’s” that are really not that important at all, or should be done AFTER the important things are completed. 


We all are guilty of weekly and monthly task that take to much time and do not produce enough results to merit the time it takes.  I have had many marketing ideas throughout out my years of business that sounded like a great idea but just did not work or in fact 


were great ideas, but not the BEST ideas (less important). I always have an objective Eye look at my list to see if any of the items are just “filler” items or not. I suggest you do the same (or at least try to be honest with yourself).


Always put your most important task at the top of the list and get them done first. (Maybe you have heard about the 6 most important things list?)


The second step: 


Look at how you can bring more systems into your business and your life. A lot of systems do not cost any money at all. Let’s look for some simple things you can streamline 

in your daily life to shave off a couple of minutes out of your day (they add up to hours over the long run). Here are a few examples:


– lay out the clothes you would like to wear tomorrow the night before. This will help you get off to a faster start


– set the coffee maker


– write down your 6 most important things list the night before so you do not waste any time figuring out what your are going to do tomorrow. 


– Do you have some errands to run? Map out the route before hand (so much time is wasted driving around!).


– do you need to deliver products to customers? Let your customers know that you deliver products two days a week (and keep the days the same)…. for example, monday and thursdays. It’s hard to get anything done while your driving around.


– Do your grocery shopping after 7pm, the lines will cut down like crazy and you will save a ton of time at the store (you may want to stock up on groceries that don’t go bad as well. Less trips equals more time)


– set two times a day you check your email (super time waster here!). This goes for FACEBOOK TOO! (you know who you are). If you respond to a cute puppy post two hours later, most people will not hold that ageist you. 


These are just a few simple things you can do.  The goal would be to change your mindset to view the world through the “how do I free up some time” glasses and not the “I do not have any time” glasses. There is a BIG difference there.  

Also remember that the time you free up should be spent on activities that will make your life easier (like income producing activities) not activities that make your more comfortable (like catching up with “the real housewives”…. although you

should make time for that as well (I know I do) 😉     “All things are difficult before they are easy”  – Thomas Fuller


Third step:


The Third step is grow to a place that you can COMFORTABLY AFFORD a help (notice “comfortably afford” ).

This is done by using the time you have freed up on Income producing activities (IPA’s). These activities are what makes the difference in your business and change your life for the better

(you know what they are, Book, sell recruit!).  


“All things are difficult before they are easy” – Thomas Fuller  … I know I used this quote already, but it fit so well I had to use it twice. 


I fully support anyone that hires an assistant to delegate the none income producing activities too and to help with their office tasks, but a lot of Directors (and consultants) start this step too soon (and some not soon enough).

This is a HUGE leap for the Mary Kay director to take, and you will need to take it to increase your business but remember that the help cost money (profits) so they have to pay for themselves and more.


My best piece of advise on hiring your assistant would be to get a training manual in place that outlines everything they need to do and how to do it. They will still have questions, but it’s highly possible that you will have more than one assistant during your career and this document (system) can be used over and over and modified as your business and the times change. You can even have your assistant make the changes (as long as you know about them).  You never want this system (your asistant to be a burden if they leave. Having this manual will help prevent that. 



These are the three main steps to building your business.

If you would like a little help then I invite you to try QT Office free for 30 days. It’s literally several systems in one (all designed around helping you get the most out of your office time and automating everything you can). 


QT helps you manage your inventory, your customers, your unit, your sales and your expenses all in one place (and all for less than 10 dollars a month).


Another cool thing is that when you do start building your team (or if you have already) and they start using QT as well. This helps the new consultant get on the right track, makes it less likely they will give up and reduces the training time to get them  up and running (because we help with follow up and show them making money).


If you would like to learn more, or if your ready to start your free trial then click on the banner below. You have NOTHING to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain. 


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