Catch Up on your Mary Kay Taxes with QT Office tax software


This week, we have got a lot of QT’s (that’s what we call our members) getting a little worried about the fast approaching Tax Dead-Line. It’s just around the corner!


The biggest question we have had is “can I go back and edit my taxes before I give the information to my accountant?”.


And the answer is YES!!! The best part is, that when you make one change, anything relating to that change is automatically updated (for example: let’s say you go back and enter a old invoice in from 3 months ago, your profot will be calculated and if you gave any discounts your “total discounts” given will be updated on your year end tax sheet”.


This is a HUGE time saver.


Here is a short video that shows you how (although it is SUPER EASY).



And if your are a Mary Kay consultant or director and have not had a chance to try QT yet, then feel free to go to and sign up for a full 30 day free trail (which also includes the mobile site as well).


Have a great day =)

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Jamie Hogan


QT Office



Click the link below to try QT Office free for 30 days! (or if you would like to see a little more on the system)

mary kay tax software


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