Don’t make these 4 mistakes when Networking your Mary Kay Business

Are you making one of the 4 biggest mistakes trying to Network your Mary Kay Business? In this article, you will learn the 4 things you “don’t” want to do.


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I am a believer in Networking to grow your Mary Kay business, and there are rules to the game that will help you to get the best possible results.


  1. Don’t stretch yourself to thin. You will have better results if you get involved in 2-3 great networking groups than if you try to join every group in your area. If you are truly networking you will see a boost in business, and you are going to need that free time you would be otherwise wasted at the other meetings to hold your appointments.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ASK for referrals! The Key is to use the formula “give, ask receive”. Give referrals (or refer yourself) first, then ask for your own referral. When you give first, you are displaying the “go give” mentally, when you ask first, you are displaying the “give me” attitude. Who would you rather send a referral to, someone who just gave you a referral or someone who asked for one out of the blue?

  3. Don’t ask for referrals that don’t pay off. Often, Mary Kay consultants are taught to ask for referrals like “I am looking for anyone with skin”… well, that is a lot of people for sure, but a better way to ask for a referral would be to educate your fellow business professionals on the “golden” referral you are looking for. Why not ask for a referral for the head of a daycare and offer a free papering day for the mothers of the center instead? Now your group is thinking of a very specific person (the Daycare provider). In the end, a target referral request pays off better than a general one. And if you ask for the right referral, you can get a lot of leads at once.

  4. Don’t blend in. Since you have chosen a few elite groups to invest your time and energy in, you will have the time to really make an impact. Find a place that you feel you could shine, such as event planning or the membership the comity. This will help you to meet new people right away and help you to stand out from the crowd and that will most definitely equal new business for you. Be the “go to” person in the group. The more involved you are with the group, the more likely you will be to get referrals.

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