Double your recruits by holding a Mary Kay® inner-view

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Double your recruits by holding a Mary Kay® inner-view not an interview.


      Once you have learned the endless benefits of being a Mary Kay Consulant, it’s only a matter of time until you have a special friend in mind that you know would be great at what you do as well.



You will most likely start with someone you know well so you can share all the reasons why Mary Kay would be a benefit to her. After all, you know this person so you know what they are looking for.



As you expand your empire, eventually you will get to a point that you are offering the career oprunity to women you do not know. This can be a little more of a challenge because you do not know what “drives” them.


      This is why conducting an “inner-view“…..looking into her and finding out what she needs in her life, more money, flexibility, positive work environment. Maybe she needs a little extra money, maybe she lost her job.

Spending a little extra time now can help you find out the “WHY” behind the drive, and when times get tough, you will be able to help motivate your new team member by reminder her WHY it’s so important she not give up. 

      I known this sounds like common sense, and it is, but when you are so excited about what you have going on in your business it can be easy to go on and on about ALL of the great things Mary Kay has to offer.


You may want to brag about all the facts of Mary Kay® (there are a lot of great facts!), but your potential new team member may not be motivated by that; they may be motivated by something else entirely. 

       I want you to brag about your business, what your “WHY” is, and YOUR personal life changes. While you talking about yourself, most people will relate. As soon as you hear them say “I” (for example: “I feel the same way”), then listen-up! The “I” is really the “WHY“.Just make sure you listen enough to know what key point will be most appealing to her.


Think about it this way, someone has signed up for your team, and they have only been working about 1/2 hard as you know they can. Instead of calling them and saying “I know you want to win that car” (which would be nice), ask them “What would having a free car payment do for you and your family?” Let your team member tell you what THEY already know. Their life is in their own control.




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