Fantastic Mary Kay® Training Video created by several top NSD’s!

Last week we shared an Amazing Video by Leah Lauchlan, National Sales Director with Mary Kay®, and received a lot of great feedback so this week we are doing it again. As always QT Office shares this video in the spirit of Go-Give and wants to say “thank you” to the women who created this video to share! More importantly, we would like to say “thank you” to the National Sales Directors for always leading by example! Thank you so much to NSD Sabrina Goodwin Monday, NSD Crisette Ellis, NSD Nora Shariff, NSD Caterina Harris Earl, NSD Natalie Privette-Jones, and NSD Gloria Mayfield Banks. You are all AMAZING role-models!


Thank you so much to Sabrina Goodwin Monday, Crisette Ellis, Nora Shariff, Caterina Harris Earl, Natalie Privette-Jones, and Gloria Mayfield Banks.

Use this great video as it was intended to share the Mary Kay opportunity with others.

Make sure you follow-up with everyone you share the video with. Feel free to use the Free Flyer “Think Pink Survey for the Mary Kay® Career Opportunity” created by NSD Pam Shaw and Dir. Angie O. (Thank you both for creating this form to share with the Mary Kay® world!)

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