Free Mary Kay printable for a hot hostess idea!

There are 60 days left in this seminar year. The possibilities are so exciting. Many of you have huge and incredible goals, and here is a free printable hostess plan to help you achieve them. This hostess plan gives $20 for each task they complete:

  • $20 to hold the party on the originally scheduled date
  • $20 to have 5 guests over the age of 18
  • $20 to have $200 or more in party sales
  • $20 to have $100 or more in outside sales
  • $20 for 2 future bookings

If you could find 6 hostesses to help you, and you coach them to complete each task, at a minimum you would have

6 hostesses X 5 guests each = 30 faces

6 hostesses X $200 in party sales = $1200

6 hostesses X $100 in outside sales = $600

For a minimum sales total of $1800 in sales for a profit of $900

You would also have 12 future bookings and 30 women to share the Mary Kay® Opportunity with. With 30 faces you could be in your Red Jacket in time to earn all the prizes offered in the “It’s Raining Red Team Building Challenge”.

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