Free Printable from QT Office: Summer Portfolio Before and After

Our most recent request from one of our Sales Directors was to have a summer look portfolio added to the Training Center for the Unit Websites we maintain. It made sense to us, so we had our most talented graphic designer create a summer portfolio based on the Look book and we will do this each season when a new Look book comes out. It will be automatically added to the Glamour section of our Training Center.

This printable portfolio would be a great way to book facials, both for existing customers and new people you meet. Never underestimate the power of putting the product on faces. Also check out our previous blog post on this topic: “Learn what facialing 100 women did for one woman’s business!

I don’t want to give her whole story away because it is an incredible read and so were her results:

  • She accomplished her goal in 91 days
  • Sold $14,622 in retail products
  • Added eight personal women to her team
  • Became the director Queen of Sales in the Cindy Williams National Area
  • Finished the Star Consultant quarter as Pearl Star with 9,900 star points


Mary Kay Summer Portfolio
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