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       It is that time of year again, the time of year when you think “what is a fun creative idea that I can do to get my team motivated”.  Well, my good friend Donna Lindsey from MK Virtual Office has a great way to reach out to you’re team members who are currently not actively working their business.

      She customized the idea last year for Two of her Directors who had the same goal, to be #1 in the world.  Donna feels that this half page postcard is her most popular mailer.  Thanks to her Go- Give Spirit she is willing to share this great idea and a FREE template she and her team created.

  According to Donna; “The reason this postcard works is because when you mention ordering $200 wholesale to a non-working consultant, they may think – “I don’t need that much stuff and I’m not selling right now” = nope not ordering.

Show them this sample $250 order and they may go “Oh, I use that and that and that…, and that.  , oh and I want to try that….  I’m out of that product … yep, I could place a $250 order for just me.”  It gives them a shopping list for themselves! “

Not to mention if your consultant tries a product and likes it then she will be more likely to sell that product in turn.

 Donna recommends mailing the postcard on June 10th so they get it JUST in time to order on June 15th when the new products come out!!


     Thank you Donna for this FREE template for your great post card  idea (it was designed this way so you can print and mail it yourself). Such a great idea to get in those last orders before seminar.  Helpful tip  (postage is full-price – not a postcard stamp!!)

If you want Donna and her team to customized the post card for you, They have two options:

    1.    Customized PDF:  send Donna your goal, any changes to the text you want, and your complete mailing address and phone number.  They will customize the image and create a pdf with 2 on a page and your return address on page 2 so you can print and mail it yourself (postage is full-price – not a postcard stamp!!)  Just $10!

2.    Printed & Mailed for you:  send Donna your goal, any changes to the text you want, and your complete mailing address and phone number.  She will customize the image, send you a proof and then print on semi-gloss card stock and mail to your list of consultants (I and/or Terminated consultants) with your return address and their address printed on the other side.  Mailed first class.  $1.05 each or .99 if you are mailing to more than 100 consultants!

You can also have MK Virtual Office add a note with a promotion (special prize if they order in June) or upcoming event to the address side!!

Or, if you are computer savvy, you can download a png here and modify the picture yourself (please respect Donna’s work and leave the “MK Virtual Office” on the card. Besides that, feel free to use the post card to mail out.

click on the picture to download the png image:


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If you have any questions, you can contact Donna via email at:

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