Grow your Mary Kay® Business Three times faster than facials alone

WOW,  as seminar 2012 comes to a close I really feel a renewed sense of purpose for my business and for life. I know many of you feel the same way too and are ready to take the rest of the year head-on despite any set backs you may have faced in the past.

As we embark on the 50th year of Mary Kay, I can’t help but look back at the set backs that Mary Kay Ash herself faced, and how she did what was needed to push past them. She did not let her setbacks HOLD her back! It is truly amazing what “One Woman Could” (accomplish).

Here at QT Office we are committed to helping all of our QT’s succeed in any way possible (this includes FUTURE QT’s!) and we wanted to share the Chart below with everyone. This chart shows what pushing through the setbacks and making your own magic can do.


You see, Mary Kay Ash knew the value of skin care classes, so she taught to TURN a facial into a SKINCARE CLASS.


 Below is a great illustration to show you what a difference in how your business can grow this year if you can turn each facial into a skin care class.


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 skin care class chart

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What I think is sooo impressive about this is if you follow this plan, then you are a winner no matter what path you choose.  If you go for it and end up landing somewhere in the middle, you have still “made it” because you are farther than you would have been holding one facial at a time as opposed to a skin care class.

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