Have you backed up your Mary Kay business information today?

back up mary kay information


I had a user sign up for QT Office today after their laptop crashed and they lost all thier business/MK information (ouch!).


The real sad thing is that this happens more than you know. If it’s not a laptop crash, it could be theft, a cup of coffee or a curious child with some maple syrup (yup, that’s happend too!).


If you are still using excel, word or another (destop program), then take this as a friendly reminder to back up your information now. You may even want to set a reminder on your phone to do just that. A trick I like to use is email myself any important documents. This way, I have an electronic copy of whatever important document I need even if my computer crashes.


If you are a QT (a member of QT Office) then you don’t have to worry about this because we back up your business data twice a day. =)


Whatever you do, make sure you do it BEFORE you wish you had!





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This entry was posted in QT Office® on August 26, 2011