How to get your Husband (or Boyfriend) behind your Mary Kay® Business


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Hello Everyone!


This is Brice and I’ll be stepping in for Jamie (my new beautiful wife) today because someone wrote in with a question that I had the answer for (why should Jamie have all the fun?).


The Question was:


“My husband just doesn’t get Mary Kay®, he doesn’t think I’ll make any money and my Mary Kay® business is just a waste of time”.

(Feel free to swap “husband” for “boyfriend”, “Dad”, “Uncle” … pretty much any male that does not have any experience with Mary Kay®….


Truth be told, I was in this boat at one point as well (not against it, but not really for it either).


There is a very simple explanation for this:


Women want to “make things better” and men “don’t want to make it worse”.


So, when you say “I’ll make this better by being successful” your Man is thinking “oh great, I’ll have to deal with this and that means (insert negative, insert negative, insert negative again).


….. We can be sad, sad creatures sometimes …. =(



So, how do you turn that frown upside down and get your husband/boyfriend on board?


Facts! (guys love facts). We have limited attention spans and shut out after only a few words (except maybe football…..). That means you want to keep it short and to the point.


I’ll start off with the fact that “brought me around”


ready for it?


here it is:


“Brice, did you know that Mary Kay® employees more Millionaire women than any other business in the world?”


My brain goes just like this:   Huh?  …..(processing)….. I want some icecream (i’m a little A.D.D. and like icecream)….. what did you say? (she repeated the comment)  really……. (processing)……  wow, really? (successfully processed).  (monkey can learn….)


Suddenly it wasn’t “this is inconvenient”; it became “well, this obviously works and has been proven”. It was my “lightbulb” moment.


I was on board.


If that fact does’nt do the trick, then here are a few more you can try (space them out when you give them to us (us meaning “men”)….. remember, we are simple creatures.



    Mary Kay Fact List:



– Mary Kay was one of only 20 companies to be featured in


“Forbes Greatest Business Stories of All Time”  (and the only female)


– Mary Kay® has been on the list of the top best companies for women to work for (and in the top 100 over all).


– Mary Kay’s Training and incentive programs have earned national recognition Harvard Business School teaches classes on the business model.


– You can point them to “the big idea”


– If you do well, the give you a car (what other business does that)


– point them to this blog

(it is a re-cap of the interview on “millionaire Secrets of Success from Gloria Mayfield Banks”


if they are still not on board, let’s take a look at the “don’t make it worse angle”.


“Look, if it doesn’t work out, they offer a 90% buy-back program so it’s very little risk”.


and if they are STILL not on board, you may want to ask your Mary Kay® girlfriends if they have any good looking brothers 😉    


Good luck and keep your head up! Every National started with a Starter Kit

(that’s why they say you never know what’s in your starter kit!)


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