How to grow your Mary Kay® Business in Two Easy Steps (Part 1)

Grow Your Mary Kay® Business

I have been approached quite a bit lately by family, friends and even by a few other businesses that I did not know about. The questions have been worded several different ways, but they have all asked the same basic question:

“How has your business grown so much so fast?”

My favorite question went something like this… “I’ve never heard of you, and in the last two months all I can see is QT Office. It seems like you came out of nowhere and are now everywhere!”

What I find to be really amazing about this is that I was not going around town telling everyone business was booming. My Facebook status hasn’t said anything about it (until recently), but somehow the people around me just knew that my success had increased. I also noticed that more people wanted to friend ME. Before it was me reaching out to make connections.

I give credit to two ideas that changed my business practices and that in return changed my life. By focusing on these two ideas, and implementing them into my daily life  I noticed an immediate difference and my hope is that you can do the same.

Focus on these two areas, and then you can deal with the rest:

1. Bringing in new business

2. Making all of my QT’s raving fans

(QT’s are our “customers”, so this would be “making all of your customers raving fans”)

Everything else was secondary. As CEO of QT Office, I do much more than that to run my business, but none of the things on my “to do list” was (or is) more important. Now when a task comes up, I ask myself

    1. “Is this going to bring me new business?”
    2. “Is this going to make one of my QT’s happy?”

If my answer was “no”, then I knew I was wasting my time!

When I spent some time to look at when I had to do something in my business I would ask myself these two questions.

If I couldn’t answer yes then I was not focusing on my two goals of bringing in new business or making all of my QT’s raving fans. I did not need to be doing it, or at least, I needed to concentrate on the other two important tasks FIRST.

Ok, you can call 10 new people to try to book a facial or skin care class, or you could clean your office, organize your drawers and make another list of 100 people you should call. Here is a tip, it’s better to call 10 people than make a list of 100 people to call!

To read more about this we have a great article How to win in your Mary Kay business today.


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