How to make money with Mary Kay® Gift certificates and coupons

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Fun Fact: Cash is the number 1 gift given for special occasions

Do you know what the number two gift given is?  That would be Gift certificates (or gift cards).

That’s great, but how can that help you?  Well, if you use QT Office, then you can create a Mary Kay® gift certificate and sell it just like a product.  Even better, when your customer claims that gift certificate we track what your customer purchased and what they have left.  Pretty cool huh? It’s like having your own gift card machine.

In addition to gift certificates, you can also create coupons for your Mary Kay® business. For example, let’s say that one of your customers just purchased $20 worth of product, you could give her a coupon when you deliver her product that says something like “$10 off your next purchase $50 or more”.

There are a couple neat ideas to use when you create coupons like this.

1. Put an expiration date on it (then plug a follow up date into QT so you get an email reminder). This way, you have a reason to call your customer.

2. Create a coupon off a new product only. It is a great way to get a newer product in your customer’s hands.

3. Why not clear out some of your discontinued product? You could create a coupon for “50% off any discontinued product purchase”. If you want to be really smart about this, then you can pull up the purchase history for any products you need to clear off your shelf and see who has purchased them in the past. I don’t know about you, but I would rather sell old product at cost so I could re-invest it in new inventory.

These are just a couple ideas to you get started!

We put together a quick video that shows you how these two features work. Enjoy!

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