How to pre-sell Mary Kay’s®new Lash & Brow Serum

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Do you know the first rule of selling anything?


Find your market first. That means people that want the exact item you are selling.  If they do not need it or want that product, then you are probably putting a lot of effort into something that is not going to pay off.


 Look at it this way:

If someone was selling washing machines and you had a great washing machine that worked well, then is doesn’t  matter how great the washing machine they are trying to sell you because you do not need (or want) it.

In the washing machine scenario (if I was the one selling the machines), I would look for clothes-lines in the yard. They are MUCH more likely to need one. It’s the smart place to spend your time.

You can fill in the blanks on 100 different scenarios or products but the results will always be the same. The only way you can sell any product is to anyone is if you are selling to someone interested in that product (it’s a want or a need).

Ok, now we have that covered, how do we pre-sell the new Mary Ka®y Lash and brown serum?

SIMPLE, identify which of your clients have purchased similar items repeatedly in the past and offer the new product to them first.

These are the customers that will WANT the new product and you will be giving a SERVICE by offering them something they WANT. You could call every person in your contact list, but if you start with prior customers that purchased similar items you will have better results. A few examples of items similar to the new Brow Serum are:

–          Mascara

–          Eyeliner

–          eye shadows

–          eye make up remover

–          eye primer

–           brow gel

(notice that they are all products designed to make the eyes look better, or deal with the eyes. Customers who purchased these products would be the first ones I would suggest contacting). If the new products was a lipstick, I would do a different search.

When I learned this lesson it changed the way I felt about how I offered my business.


Because my personal product is  (the all in one software system designed specifically for Mary Kay® consultants, directors and Nationals). My product helps you knock your office tasks out in a fraction of the time and gives you the tools (information like product purchase history to make more sales).

I feel I have the best software out there at the most reasonable price and that when I offer the product it’s a SERVICE because it’s very helpful to the new consultants and Nationals alike (the hundreds of testimonials help me think that too!)

You should feel the exact same way about your Mary Kay business, because YOU have the best product around and a fantastic business opportunity on top of that!

Take this article for example: Someone would like to know how to sell the new brow serum and I KNOW I can help with that so I SHARE what I can do. The same is true for your customers that have purchased eye products in the past. Here is a simple script you can use.

“Hi (insert customer name!), Mary Kay Just came out with a new Brow Serum, it’s great because (insert YOUR favorite thing about the new product), I called you first because I know you love our (insert similar product). Did you want to be one of the first people to try the brow serum? I have (insert a low number) in stock and wanted to offer it to you first. does this exact same thing. I purchased a book on “gardening” and now when I log on I get all kinds of gardening books (and I’ve purchased a couple extra because of it!). .. they must be onto something….

So if your goal is to sell tons of Mary Kay’s new Lash & Brow Serum you need to start by offering it to the people who are interested in playing up there eyes.

Like I said before, I’m very excited to show you how QT Office can help you do this:

Here is a quick video that will show you how to find out who purchased those similar products:



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