How to sell more Mary Kay® Valentine’s Gift Sets

Mary Kay Valentines Day gift setsWhen thinking about Valentine’s Day sales keep one rule in mind. The eye buys. It’s all about what the gift set looks like. Sure, everyone knows Mary Kay® has skin care and lipstick, but do they know you have an amazing “personal shopper” service where you can help them select just the right gift at the right price and beautifully gift wrap and deliver it?

I was just on a call for “the million dollar message” hosted by Future Executive Senior Cadillac Sales Director Kristin Rogers and it really made me realize a few things.

In order to sell a lot for any holiday you need to have sets already made up and ready to go. It can be hard for people to visualize how amazing your sets can look so don’t let not making a few sets cost you big sales. Also, don’t rely on telling potential customers you can make a gift set. Show them you have it ready for cash and carry.

Another big rule to go by is don’t just show a flyer. I did a lot of searching for Valentine’s flyers that were circulating, and they were very nice, but they did not show the actual gift set, only the items that will be in the set. As with all things in business take a little time to plan. Get several sets made at several price points. For example offer a set at around $10, $18-25, $50, $100, $150 and $200. The higher the price point the more extravagant the gift needs to look.

Take your gift sets to all of your appointments from now til Valentine’s Day. Kristin Rogers talked about selling sets in her Million Dollar Message. She said “I set them up in the individual consultation because it makes a great up sell after I sell them the sets they want for themselves personally, and also it displays the gift wrapping that I do and that’s an important service that we can offer our customers that sometimes in the beginning when we start that relationship with a new customer they don’t even know we provide.”

Kristin also talked about how men were visual and something that worked for her was to take pictures of her pre-wrapped gift sets that she was promoting and to send pictures to male customers in email or text and that doing this really did make a difference. You will find a lot of men do not care as much about the specifics of what is in the set as long as it looks nice and will be a good quality gift for his Valentine. Offer to deliver to his place of work, and keep in mind when you take your impressive looking gift sets into his place of work that many of his co-workers will want a set as well. Have some additional sets in the car ready to be sold on the fly.

This is also a great time to sell to the ladies in the office. If they make their way over to admire your special delivery ask not only about the men in their lives that may need a cologne, also have a small gift set ready to be sold in your purse at the $10-20 price point like a lip gloss set or nail lacquer set. Ask if they have a daughter, niece or baby sitter they want to surprise with something special.

Watch this short video to see how quick and easy it can be to make great gift sets

Take action now and have a great Valentines Day. Everyone here at QT Office is wishing you much selling success.

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