How your Discontinued Mary Kay® inventory can make you money

mary kay discontinued money

Knowing what discontinued Mary Kay® products you have can help you do two things for your Mary Kay Business:


  1.  Make you money
  2.  Make your Mary Kay customers happy

Mary Kay® is always providing new and trendy products.  It can be easy to get so excited about them that you forget about the classic items that will no longer be produced.  These great products can end up in your discontinued basket on your shelf,  and they do not do you or your Mary Kay business any good (or your purse for that matter!) just sitting there.

This is why knowing your product history is so important.  You will want to sell this product quickly and prevent it from expiring, or “living” in your closet for the rest of your life.  You are in business to make money, not to keep your products on your shelf.  If you are using QT Office (, then we will move the products that are being discontinued to your “discontinued” section. Now that they are discontinued, Let’s take a look at how we can get these items to the people that want them, and free up some funds to stock up on those new items that just came out!

There are two great ways to use this feature to boost your business, and the best part is: If you have used QT to create your Mary Kay® Invoices then half of the work has already been done.

Every time you created an invoice, the products that you sold were automatically filed under that CUSTOMERS personal history and the PRODUCTS history as well. There are two ways you can take advantage of QT’s systems automation to make the sale now:

1. When a product is going to be discontinued, or already has been discontinued.  You would simply log in to your QT Office account and select the “product history” of that particular item. You will be able to see who had purchased that product in the past.  Now, you can make a call to them and ask them if they would like to stock up on a product that they love before it is gone.  This is a great reason to call your customer, and GREAT customer service. Many of your customers will want to stock up and others will not, and that’s ok! You’re not being pushy, you’re just giving amazing customer service.  A great sample script would sound something like this:

“Hi (insert customers name here)! I just wanted to let you know that Mary Kay® will not be making (insert product name here). I know that you use that product all the time. I have (insert number) left, and wanted to offer them to you before I called anyone else. Did you want to stock up on these before you can no longer get them? I wanted to make sure you had the opportunity before it was too late”.

2. You can use the same method if you ever have “too many” of a product on your shelf (This is useful if you overstocked on an item, even if it’s not discontinued).  Take a look at the “product history” and see who purchased it in the past and give them a call. This is a great way to keep your inventory moving at all times, don’t let that product just sit on your shelf.  Take control of your business and provide great customer service.  Your customers don’t see this as you “moving product”; your customer will see this as the “remembering what they like”.  Making a Mary Kay® customer happy, is service that would make Mary Kay Ash herself proud and keep your customers coming back to you time and time again.  Let’s look at a possible script for selling some extra of the overstocked items.

“Hi (insert customers name here)! I’m calling today because you have purchased the (insert product) in the past, and that is my big sale item this month. Did you want to pick up one or two while they are at a discounted price?”


“Hi (insert customers name here), I’m running s special this month for my VIP customers. I am throwing in a free (overstocked product name here) with any purchase over (dollar amount). I know you use the (insert product name here) all the time. Did you want to take advantage of the free gift?

Here is a video that shows you how easy it is to bring up your product history =)

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