Is your brain worth 50 cents on the dollar? Mary Kay® didn’t think so

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One of the glorious things about America today is that it really is the “land of opportunity”. Sure, there are a lot of people out of work and the economy is slow but if you have the “will” you can make the “way”. No one proves that more than Mary Kay herself.


If you were a woman trying to start a career in the 60’s, then it was much harder to make it in the male dominated workforce (you could be a teacher, a flight attendant or a nurse). In any other career field you would be paid 1/2 of what your male counterpart would be paid. Sounds a little unfair doesn’t it? Well, Mary Kay Ash thought the same thing so she took matters in her own hands. Without this bias against women then Mary Kay inc® may not exist at all today.


Here is what the Queen Bee said herself in one of her most famous quotes:


“Our company was begun with only one objective… that of giving women the chance to succeed, and opportunity that simply did not exist in the early 60’s. I just couldn’t believe that a woman’s brain was worth fifty cents on the dollar. With my all my heart, I wanted to change that”.

Mary Kay


What will you do with YOUR opportunity? Will you give another woman the chance to have her own opportunity? Will YOU be the next Mary Kay?


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