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A few days ago, I got an email that said:


“I’m running a program that will help make sure that all the residents of the (local) retirment community will receive a gift this year for Christmas, would you or someone you know like to ADOPT A GRANDPARENT? You can adopt a grandparent for as little as 10 dollars”.


My first thought was “Aww, that’s nice. I should probably go do something for someone this year even though I’m super busy”. Then it hit me; what a great idea!  I wrote the person that shared the idea with me to see if we could make a blog out of this and in the go give spirit


Kristen Schill (from Runnemede NJ) shared the idea with us. 


A couple notes she wrote to us:


1. Go to the nursing home and ask the manager “how many seniors do you have that do not have anyone to bring them a gift this year?”   If possible, get a list of names. 


2. You can offer different packages, or simple have one small package or item and give more gifts. A personal note goes a long way here. 


And remember, you can ask for the grandparents birthdays as well. If no one is bringing them a gift on Christmas, then they probably are not getting anything on their birthday as well =(    but you can be a huge difference in making that day a little better!


Thank you again for sharing this with us Kristen! 


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and make sure you let your grandparents (and parents) know how much they mean to you if you still can! 


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