Making Mary Kay® Phone Calls When You Really Don’t Want To

It seems to be a recurring issue we all deal with, having days we just don’t want to make phone calls. It’s just one of those thing that some days the phone seems to weigh 500 pounds and others I have no problem with it. I feel like making calls is kind of like eating your veggies; it’s how your business gets stronger. Even if they are not your favorites, it’s still really a good thing to do daily. So if today is just one of those days for you and you know you need to reach out to your customers, hostesses and your team and you just can’t get going, take a few minutes and watch this short video from Brandon Barber. He’s an amazing coach that helps individuals get emotionally and mentally stronger so they can get to the next level in their business and personal lives.


Now that you’re ready to call, use QT Office to track customer history to see who has purchased and when. Use product history to see everyone who has ever purchased a particular product from you.
Also remember each time you create a receipt not only does QT Office automatically file it for your year-end tax report, it also tracks your sales tax and any discounts you gave so you only have one sheet to print and take to your accountant at the end of the year.

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This entry was posted in QT Office® on February 26, 2013