Mary Kay® Beauty That Counts® 2015 Postcard

QT Office® has designed Mary Kay® Beauty That Counts® Postcards to promote the new Mary Kay® Beauty That Counts® Program! QT Office® is keeping these postcards in the Seasonal Selling Section of our Mary Kay® Unit Websites for Directors and Nationals!


Our Mary Kay® Beauty That Counts® Postcards come 4 to a page, front and back side available, and are fantastic tools to help you share the word about The Mary Kay Foundation™ and what they do to help women and children! These Mary Kay® Beauty That Counts® Postcards are also available in Spanish!

beauty that counts postcardsSPA QT Office®

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Mary Kay® will donate $1 of each sale of the limited-edition† Beauty That Counts® NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss in two new shades, Create Change and In Harmony, to The Mary Kay Foundation™. The Mary Kay Foundation™ is committed to “eliminating cancers affecting women by supporting top medical scientists who are searching for a cure for breast, uterine, cervical and ovarian cancers, and to ending the epidemic of domestic violence by providing grants to women’s shelters and supporting community outreach programs. Since the Foundation began in 1996, it has granted $54 million dollars to organizations fighting cancer and violence against women.” (source: The Mary Kay Foundation™)

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