Mary Kay® Car Program Sheet

Mary Kay® Car Program Sheet

QT Office® has made a Mary Kay® car program sheet just for Directors! We are keeping this flyer in the Tracking section of the Training Center for our Unit Websites for Directors and Nationals. Our Mary Kay® car program sheet is a great way to keep you on track for receiving your Mary Kay® car. Since we made a Mary Kay® car tracking sheet last week for the Premier Club Program, we have decided to make one for the Premier Plus Promotion!

This Mary Kay® car program sheet shows you the qualifications and additional requirements you must meet in order to win! The promotion lasts from January to December 2014.

Click on the image below to download and print your Mary Kay® car program sheet to keep on hand. If you are goal driven, you will see your new Mary Kay® career car BMW in no time!

QT Office® has also made this flyer available in Spanish! Our Spanish tracking sheets will be in the “Seguimiento” section under the Centro de Entrenamiento for our Unit Websites. To download/print our Spanish version click here!mary_kay®_car_program_premier_plus_sheet_-_qtoffice®



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