Mary Kay® Car Tracking Sheet for Chevy Cruze

Mary Kay® Car Tracking Sheet

QT Office® has designed another great Mary Kay® car tracking sheet this week that is going to be featured on our Unit Websites for Directors and Nationals! We are keeping this Mary Kay® car tracking sheet for the Chevy Cruze program in our Tracking section in the Training Center for our Unit Websites. The past couple of weeks you have seen our Mary Kay® Car Tracking sheets for the Premier Plus and Premier Club programs! Now we are giving you the tracking sheet you need to help bring home your own Chevy Cruze!

Click on the picture below to download and/or print your Mary Kay® car tracking sheet to get started on your new seminar year goals. There are two pages so you can keep track of your active team members.

QT Office® has also made this flyer available in Spanish! Our Spanish tracking sheets will be in the “Seguimiento” section under the Centro de Entrenamiento for our Unit Websites.

Bilingual training material available at no extra cost!




Want to have a wondrous Unit Website that has other great Mary Kay® tracking sheets like these readily in store for your Mary Kay® business? Check out our Unit Websites for Nationals and Directors and sign up for one today by using the promo below! Your consultants will love being able to instantly download and print these great Mary Kay® flyers by the click of a button! Don’t forget to sign up on our mailing list and stay connected with QT Office® through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest so you will get the latest Mary Kay® training & invite flyers, gift certificates and other related items that QT Office® has created to help you reach your goals!

This entry was posted in QT Office® on June 27, 2014