Mary Kay® Pillow Gift

Mary Kay® Pillow Gift

QT Office® has designed you two Mary Kay® Pillow Gift freebies for your soon to be busy season. QT Office® wants you to be prepared with great Mary Kay® Pillow Gift before it’s too late! Our Mary Kay® Pillow Gift flyer consists of a familiar tradition known as the Christmas pillow gift. We are keeping this great Mary Kay® Pillow Gift flyer in our Holiday section for our Mary Kay® Unit Websites for Directors and Nationals. Not only are we giving out a great freebie, but we are also giving you Mary Kay® Pillow Gift tags! You or your customer can choose either between a wintry blue or a vibrant pink color. These gift tags will go on the pillow gift as a present that will come from your customer! Give the husbands a great gift idea for their wives this Christmas!

Click on the images below to download/print your Mary Kay® Pillow Gift freebies!

Mary Kay® Pillow GiftMary Kay® Pillow Gift tags

Mary Kay® Pillow Gift tagsMary Kay® Pillow Gift tags

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