Mary Kay® Coaching – Coach My Hostess

Mary Kay® Coaching Ideas & Tips

Mary Kay Ash always said, “ A class worth booking is a class worth coaching”

QT Office® has designed a Mary Kay® Coaching flyer that will be in our Unit Website’s Training Center for Directors and Nationals. With the help and coaching of National Sales Directors Tammy Crayk and Vicki Auth, you will be coaching your hostess like a pro in no time at all!

All you need are a few postcard invitations, a stylish goodie bag, pieces of candy and your positive attitude. Coaching your hostess can help in so many ways:

  • Building your Hostess’s confidence
  • Establishing rapport with your hostess
  • Retrieve the guest list for pre-profiling
  • Creating excitement for the free product she will earn

Download and print this great Mary Kay® coaching ideas and scripts below, and keep it handy for your next hostess. Challenge yourself to coach each and every one of your hostesses just as Tammy and Vicki suggest and see what a huge impact it will make on your Mary Kay® Business.


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