Mary Kay Consultants: Not EVER, Not NOW and Right NOW

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If you have tried to grow your Mary Kay® Team then you have probably ran into this type of person:


They sign up as a new Mary Kay® consultant (they may be or may not really excited about it)


they give Mary Kay® a try (or at least say they do)


They quit.


If your really lucky, they may even badmouth Mary Kay® and maybe you personally because it’s “your fault” it did not work out for them.


Sound familiar?


Well, there is a handy little trick that will help you avoid recruiting a new Mary Kay® consultant that falls into this category (because the business is not for everyone and THAT’S OK).


It’s called:

“Not EVER, No NOW, and Right Now”

 (or NE, NN, RN for short)


You see, when you meet someone that could be a potential candidate for your team you want to look at it like they are interviewing for a career (because they are). Is this person going to “pull their weight” in the office, or are they going to “hanging around the cooler” and bad talking the boss (you)?


The next time you meet someone put them into one of three categories:

Not EVER: Someone could be added to this box for several reasons. It could be because the person is happy with what they are doing, because they are always negative to be around or a lot of other reasons. It does not have to be a bad reason that they don’t join your team, just a real reason.


Not NOW: This category will be the largest. Think of this as your “Farm”. You have a lot of little spouts that may need some watering and some sunshine (some more than others). Don’t fool yourself though, you don’t want to put a “Not EVER” into this box, it’s better to just leave that person where they are. Trying to fit a Not EVER into this box will just cause problems in the future.


You may want to read the article on “chickens and Eagles” from

Sean Smith (the “Pink Caddie Coach)


 – Right NOW: These are the sharp people you are after! Maybe it’s a young college student trying to earn extra money, maybe it’s a business professional that was just laid off, maybe it’s a stay at home mom that want’s to earn some extra money (or build an empire!) Put your energy into these individuals before you spend all your energy on the other two groups (you still want to follow up with the others, but if you have sharp women ready to go, then it only makes sense to help them first).

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