Mary Kay® Father’s Day Cologne

 Mary Kay® Father’s Day

QT Office® is throwing a new spin on this Father’s Day by promoting a fragrance Mary Kay® Father’s Day flyer! Each cologne has a unique fragrance for his certain personality. Give your consultants a fresh, sharp idea this Father’s Day! Let your consultants spice it up by giving customers a choice between which fragrances they think best suits their father this Father’s Day.  Our Mary Kay® Father’s Day flyer also gives a description of each fragrance’s scent, so your consultants will exactly know how to promote these great products! There is also an editable text box for typing in contact information!

The cologne spray products in this flyer include:

    • True Original®
    • Tribute for Men®
    • MK High Intensity®
    • Velocity for Him®
    • Domain®

QT Office® is keeping this clean and rich Mary Kay® Father’s Day flyer in our Unit Websites for Directors and Nationals. We strive to give consultants and directors a mixture of holiday ideas in our Seasonal Selling center! We have also designed a Spanish version because we believe everyone should be able to see these Mary Kay® products fly off their shelves this Father’s Day! Our Spanish version will be in the Centro de Entrenamiento for our Unit Websites.

Click on the images below to download/print and start sharing this Mary Kay® Father’s Day design.

Mary Kay® Father's Day spanish          Mary Kay® Father's Day

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