Create a Mary Kay® Man Can for Fathers Day

Create a Mary Kay® Man Can

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your Mary Kay® Man Can set in motion this Father’s Day. Use this exciting Mary Kay® Man Can label designed by QT Office® for your Father’s Day set! It’s quick and easy to put together! The paint bucket (can be found at Home Depot), your Mary Kay® products, and our label! It’s a fun and masculine Mary Kay® gift idea! QT Office®  is keeping this Mary Kay Man Can®  in our Seasonal Selling section in our Training Center for our Unit Websites for Directors and Nationals. 

Here are a few cans we found to help get you started!

Small 1 QT. can for $2.97

Larger 1 Gal. can for $4.98

Now, all you need is the sticky paper! Click on the label below to download and print (be sure to load the sticky paper first)! All that’s left is to cut out the label in a square shape, a few ribbons, bows, and your Mary Kay® products! If you would like to download 4 labels to a sheet, click here to download the PDF !

Here are a few examples of how this can look on your can!®-gift-idea-QToffice®®-gift-idea-QToffice®

QT Office® has also designed a few trendy Mary Kay® gift certificates for Father’s Day! Check out our previous blog here! With all of these great Mary Kay® Man Can, you and your consultants will be well prepared for this upcoming Father’s Day.

Want to have an astounding Unit Website that has other great Mary Kay® Man Can like these readily in store for your Mary Kay® business? Check out our Unit Websites for Nationals and Directors and sign up for one today by using the promo below! Your consultants will love being able to instantly download these great Mary Kay® ideas on a whim!

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