Mary Kay® Glow and Tell Challenge

Mary Kay® Glow and Tell Challenge

Looking for a way to spread the word about the Mary Kay® Glow and Tell Challenge? QT Office® has created a Mary Kay® Glow and Tell Challenge flyer freebie for you to use! QT Office® is keeping this flyer in our Seasonal Selling section for our Mary Kay® Unit Websites!

The challenge is for new customers to use the Mary Kay® Skincare products for 21 days to notice a fabulous glow! By providing you with an editable text box on the flyer, you can type in any special instructions you would like for them to know, and if they can earn special prizes along the way! Click on the image below to download and print your Mary Kay® Glow and Tell challenge flyer freebie today!!

When using the flyers or social media posts created by QT Office, we ask that you please make sure you check all social media guidelines on when promoting your business to follow the best practices.

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This entry was posted in QT Office® on April 16, 2015