Mary Kay® Holiday Open House What’s Next?

Mary Kay® Holiday Open House What’s Next?

Do you know your next steps after your holiday open house? Let QT Office® help you out by providing you a Mary Kay® Holiday Open House What’s Next flyer! By listing four important instructions and steps you should take after the party is over, Roxy Coursey helps you stay on task. To help make you more prepared for next year’s holiday open house, start making a checklist record of this years! QT Office® is keeping the Mary Kay® Holiday Open House What’s Next flyer in our Holiday Section for our Mary Kay® Unit Websites!

Once you’ve decided what you liked the most/least about your Mary Kay® Holiday Open House, you can then start following up with your Wish List! This is a great time to help your guests’ family members choose the right Mary Kay® product for the guest! The next step is to make appointments with those who couldn’t make it to the open house, then writing down things your guest is interested in but didn’t buy. This will make a great list of recommended products for their family and friends!

Click on the image below to download and print your Mary Kay® Holiday Open House What’s Next flyer to help you stay organized and detailed!


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