Mary Kay® Free Hostess Plan Flyer Idea

Mary Kay® Free Hostess Plan Flyer Idea

The month of October is known for Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence awareness. QT Office® has created two Mary Kay® free hostess plans for each of these causes. Each Mary Kay® Hostess Plan flyer explains what colors the guests need to wear so everyone will be in the spirit to support their hostess’s cause! QT Office® is keeping our Mary Kay® Hostess Plan flyers in our Seasonal Selling section for our Mary Kay® National Sales Directors Websites!

Don’t forget to not only have your Mary Kay® products ready for display, but dazzle your party with awareness stickers! We have found some trendy Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence awareness stickers! Click on the links below to check them out. By having ideas like this for your party it will really drive home the theme and cause!

Here is the Pink Ribbon Sticker Roll

Here are the Purple Ribbon Awareness Stickers

“It’s alarming to know that in a lifetime, one woman in three will develop some form of cancer, and one woman in three will be a victim of violence. By helping one another, women can make a difference in these statistics.” – ©The Mary Kay Foundation SM


We have also made other Mary Kay® free hostess plan flyers for these causes on our other blog post here!

Our Mary Kay® breast cancer awareness idea allows your hostess to throw a party to raise awareness of breast cancer while a portion of the proceeds from the party and makeover will be donated to The Mary Kay® Foundation!

Mary Kay® Free Hostess Plan

The Mary Kay® domestic violence awareness flyer also donates a portion of its proceeds made from the party to The Mary Kay® Foundation! Let your guests know they are supporting a wonderful, life saving cause that will help the lives of women suffering from breast cancer and domestic violence.

Mary Kay® Free Hostess Plan

QT Office® keeps great other Mary Kay® Hostess Ideas like this in our Mary Kay® Sales Director Websites! We believe in giving you and your Mary Kay® business an easy to navigate, trendy, and modern Mary Kay® website design! We offer a wide variety of Mary Kay® selling, training, hostess ideas, invitations and more for our Mary Kay® Unit Websites! Stay connected with QT Office® through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and also our mailing list!

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