Mary Kay® Hostess Program to Fight Breast Cancer or Domestic Violence

Mary Kay® Hostess Program to Fight Breast Cancer or Domestic Violence

QT Office® has designed Mary Kay® Hostess Program fliers to raise awareness of breast cancer and domestic violence. QT Office® is keeping the Mary Kay® Hostess Program fliers in the Seasonal Selling center for our Mary Kay® Unit Websites. 

Both Mary Kay® Hostess Program fliers have editable textboxes so you can fill out your information and donation amount to prompt others to host a Mary Kay® party. The one below is where you will give your hostesses a reward for having a party to bring awareness to breast cancer, and you will also donate a percentage of your sales or a certain dollar amount to fight breast cancer or domestic violence.
The Mary Kay Foundation recently announced its 2014 grants for research to fight against cancers affecting women. Twelve respected doctors and medical scientists nationwide each received a $100,000 grant to conduct cutting-edge research. More information about this grant can be found in the July 9th Press Release. To date, The Mary Kay Foundation has given $21.7 million, which has resulted in breakthroughs and new discoveries. As Mary Kay Ash often said, “The only answer to cancer is stepped up research, and that’s where we can help.”

Mary Kay® Hostess Program party with a purpose


Mary Kay® Hostess Program domestic violence awareness

We have a coordinating Facebook post for both of the Mary Kay hostess plans above.


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