Nouri-Shine In The New Year! See Mary Kay® Intouch for more details!

Mary Kay® Shine In The New Year

*See Mary Kay® Intouch for more details!

It’s time for a fresh, new start for 2015! QT Office® has created you a Mary Kay® Shine In The New year contest flyer (See Mary Kay® Intouch for more info!)! This Mary Kay® contest is one of the many ways you can start anew in your business and excel further! QT Office® is keeping the Mary Kay® Shine In The New year contest flyer on our homepages of our Mary Kay® Director and National Websites!

Now is the time to reflect your goals and resolutions for 2015, and dive into taking the steps to make it happen! Our Mary Kay® Shine In The New year contest flyer is to help you start off strong in January to help you make your way to a year full of great accomplishments and success! By placing a single wholesale order with any of the Section 1 products, you can earn fabulous Mary Kay® Lipstick and glosses! You can earn Discover What you Love™ Lipstick Case, and NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss in Rock ‘n’ red and Fancy Nancy.

Mary Kay® Nourishine In The New Year - QT Office® Mary Kay® Unit Websites

Start this new year off with a brand-new Mary Kay® Unit Website! By having an amazing, current Training and Seasonal selling center for Mary Kay® training and selling materials, you and your unit will stay on top of the latest Mary Kay® trends while having great resources at the tip of your fingertips! By having a Mary Kay® Unit Website with QT Office®, you can customize your site to what best suits your needs and goals, such as having dynamic trackers and reports! QT Office® also provides a Mary Kay® e-mail marketing system so you can stay in touch with your unit and customers. QT Office® also has a Mary Kay® inventory system to help make your business tactics easier and organized. Stay connected with QT Office® via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and by signing up for our mailing list to receive other great Mary Kay® freebie flyers!

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