Mary Kay® Inventory Software Updates from QT Office

THANK YOU! For all the great suggestions. 


Since 2007, QT Office (then “QT Inventory”) has been helping Mary Kay® consultants, Directors and Nationals manage their MK careers, and thanks to all the fantastic suggestions QT now has about 3 pages of wonderful Ideas to help make QT Office even better than it is. 



To help communicate what we are working on, we have added two buttons on the home page (coming soon and new features). This way, you know what we are working on at the moment (which is ALWAYS something!). 


There are a lot of suggestions, and a lot of them are FANTASTIC. We try adding the ones that get requested the most first, then the ones that would help the most people 


Thank you for helping to make QT Office even better =)


brice qt office

QT Office


What? You sell Mary Kay® and you have not heard what QT Office is?


Well, here is your chance to check it out for free (just click the link below). 

check out qt office for your mk unit

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