Mary Kay® Invite

Cheesecake & Glamor Mary Kay® Invite

Gourmet cheesecakes… glamorous make up… and great opportunities. Who can say no to such a blissful, delicious Mary Kay® invite designed by QT Office®? Give your guests a free slice of cheesecake after you choose a delicious flavor you think will be appetizing to them! Let them sit back and relish in the divine taste of cheesecake while learning about all the rich choices and benefits of having their own Mary Kay® business. Inspire guests by telling them about your business and how you first began your Mary Kay® path, and all the wonderful opportunities Mary Kay® has given you.

With the Mary Kay® invite below, you can edit where and when you will hold your event, and other pieces of information, through an editable text box. All you need to do is fill it out, then start sending those fancy invites. You will have guests lined up at your door before you can get the cheesecakes on the tables!

QT Office® has also created the Mary Kay® invite in Spanish! QT Office® offers great bi- lingual Unit Websites that include a Spanish career opportunity page, Spanish training center and your own custom Spanish new consultant page!

marykay®-invite-cheesecake-choices-qt-office marykay®-invite-cheesecake-and-choices-spanish-qtoffice

We are keeping this irresistible Mary Kay® invite in the Invite section of our Training Center. We also have a Spanish version of this invitation (Centro de Entrenamiento > Invitaciones)! To get more eye-appealing invites like these, stay in touch through our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and sign up for our mailing list. If you wish you had an engaging Training Center, check out our Unit Websites for Directors and Nationals! Don’t forget to use the promo code below to get your $25 off.

This entry was posted in QT Office® on May 15, 2014