Mary Kay® Product Write-off Personal use or Demo product?

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Before I write this blog, I have to make the disclaimer that “This is not tax advice”. I am not an accountant so you may want to verify this information with your personal Mary Kay® accountant before you move forward.

With that said, a person I met recently told me that she never uses Mary Kay® for “personal use”. She said that “Selling Mary Kay® products is how I make a living and I have to Demo that product on myself all the time”.

At first I had to think “hmm, it sounds like you could get into trouble for that”.

Then I thought “Hmm… you know, that is a valid point”.

Business men and women write-off suits, cars and even expensive haircuts.

If it works, then this could save you a TON of money in taxes because if you use something for yourself it’s not a write off, but if you use it to demo it is.

Again, before you you say “QT Office told me I could do this” please check with your local accountant to see what they say. Since rules are different everywhere we would love to hear where you are from and if this works in your area in the comments below.

Thanks for the great feedback!

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This entry was posted in QT Office® on December 13, 2012