Mary Kay® Selling Tips for Christmas: Your Mary Kay® Website

mary kay website selling tipsI love shopping and I love Christmas! But, I have to admit that the thought of crowded stores and parking lots doesn’t get me excited. Every year I find myself doing more and more of my Christmas shopping online, and I’m not alone. A Harris Interactive poll showed that a majority of Americans will be shopping online this year because of the bad economy. The numbers are highest among women.

Your Mary Kay® website could generate a lot of sales for you this season but only if people know about it. Today’s Mary Kay® selling tip is meant to help you promote your Mary Kay® website to get more Christmas sales.

If you have set up your Mary Kay® website then you must put forth the effort to get people to visit your site. The first step is to let them know it exists and tell them how to get to it.

Ways to promote your Mary Kay® Website:

  • Make sure your Mary Kay® website address is printed on all your Mary Kay business cards

  • List your Mary Kay® website in the signature of every email you send (Shop online 24/7 at

  • If you use fliers, handouts, or direct mail be sure your Mary Kay® website address is listed on all of them

  • Be social. Share your Mary Kay® website on all your social networks. Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, et al.

  • If you’re using QT Office you can add your Mary Kay® website address to the message field on all your invoices.

Make the most of your Mary Kay® website this year by sharing your site every chance you get.

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