Mary Kay® St. Patrick’s Day Sales Idea

Mary Kay® St. Patrick’s Day Sales Idea

Now that St. Patrick’s day is leaping around the corner, get ready for another great Mary Kay® St. Patrick’s Day Sales Idea from QT Office®! We are keeping the Mary Kay® St. Patrick’s Day Sales Idea flyer in our Seasonal Selling section for our Mary Kay® Director and National Unit Websites!

Shamrock Shuffle is a cute way to interact with your customer. Each customer that purchased $17 retail or more will have their name entered into a drawing.  Each person has a lucky chance of receiving his or her products half off!  To be entered to win they have to purchase at least $17 but can purchase much more. Be sure to remind them of this when explaining how Shamrock Shuffle works.  For example, if the winning customer purchased just the $17 they would save $8.50. However, if they place a $100 order that would save $50.  So they more they spend the more they would save.

Click on the image below to download and print your Mary Kay® St. Patrick’s Day Sales Idea flyer to spread the good luck!


We also have a great flyer for a 24 hour sale that has an editable text box for your personal information and your can customize what you what your sale to be.

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