Mary Kay® Starter Kit flyer $75

Mary Kay® Starter Kit Flyer $75

QT Office® has designed a Mary Kay® Starter Kit Flyer to help boost this great promotion that Mary Kay® is promoting!  QT Office® is keeping this informative Mary Kay® Starter Kit Flyer on our homepage for our Unit Websites for Directors and Nationals! Instead of the $100 start up cost, now you can start your Mary Kay® business for $75, but only for the month of March 2015!

Download and print the Mary Kay® Starter Kit Flyer freebie for you and your Mary Kay® unit to pass along the opportunity! This Mary Kay® Starter Kit Flyer shows what is included in the starter kit, the training/start up material, a stylish start kit bag, and products included in the starter kit! Don’t let this sharing opportunity get away! Let everyone you know about this months promotion! Click on the image below to download and share your Mary Kay® Starter Kit Flyer freebie!

Want to stay in the know of great Mary Kay® opportunities on your Unit Website? Sign up for a Unit Website with QT Office® today to have not only a homepage filled with Mary Kay® contests and events, but also a fully stocked training and seasonal selling center filled with printable flyers! Your Mary Kay® unit will love how easy it is to search through your Unit Website to find the perfect Mary Kay® materials they need! Stay connected with QT Office® for other freebie fliers through our emailing list, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter! We look forward to helping you and your Mary Kay® business!

This entry was posted in QT Office® on September 05, 2014