Mary Kay Time Management by NSD Linda Toupin

In the name of Mary Kay® Go Give I must share this great post from today by NSD Linda Toupin. I thought is was so powerful how she not only talked about the value of time but also the value of building your skills so that you are adding new team members, bringing home a great profit, and moving up the career ladder.

NSD Linda Toupin Time Management “How you spend your time reflects your values. (unless you have not set boundaries) Each hour is a gift. You traded an hour of your life for that activity. WAS IT WORTH IT?

15 hours of facials, classes, follow-up and weekly meeting typically will put you in front of 12-15 new faces per week. In my 30 years of working this business I know that is enough hours & people to sell $500 & add one new team member. That amount of effort combined with SKILL will put you in a free car and gradually build to replace your full-time job. This is a SKILLS-BASED business. How many times did you rehearse your facial, class opening, closing? Watch a video of YOUR class? Record your voice doing a facial? …………Professional athletes watch themselves play constantly. Shouldn’t you?”

I’m sure you’ve wished there were more hours in the day before. We all get the same 24 hours and it’s important for us to use proper planning and proper systems to make the most of that time. Every hour of your day is either spent or invested. If you invest an hour in improving your skills to be more productive you will be able to spend less time in the future. Then you will have more time to spend on what really matters.

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