MaryKay® Mascara-thon Tracking Challenge

Mascara-thon Tracking Sheet

How does “Mascara-thon” work? Well, if your customers sell 6 mascaras they get one free, and if they sell 12 mascaras they earn mascara and eye makeup remover for free. Their friends and family can choose between a black or black brown color for their product of choice. The types of mascara on this tracking sheet include Lash Love, Ultimate Mascara, Lash Length Mascara, Water-proof, and an Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover.

The tracking sheet has numbered blocks for the customer’s name, their phone number, pre-tax total, sales tax, and a total. The pink and white rows help distinguish every other clients information, so no one will accidentally mix any information up! The layout of this sheet is straightforward and simple. Click on the image below to view or print.


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This entry was posted in QT Office® on May 09, 2014