Networking your MK® Business: Where does your money go?

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A lot of Consultants and Directors search for new customers they do not know while missing “diamonds in their back yard”.


For instance, do you have a family doctor? How about a family dentist? Do you pay someone to style your hair, do your nails or mow your lawn? If so, are these individuals shopping with you when Christmas comes around? (If not, they should be).  After all, all of these professionals have loved ones to shop for.


Make a list of people YOU spend your money with regularly that you think would be good candidates to be customers. The more money you spend with someone the better the candidate they are. After you are done with this, you can use the form letter below to contact them (feel free to adjust the wording if you like! This is YOUR business and you know how to run it best!)


Professionals name





Dear (insert professionals name),

I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job with (insert the service they provide). Your service is very appreciated! I do my best to refer my friends and family to your (insert service) because I always know they will be taken care of.

I pride myself in providing the same level of service as you do, and I would like to extend these services to you and your company this year. I specialize in taking care of the entire “extra’s” like gift-wrapping and presentation so that your employees feel special. Other businesses I have worked with really like the fact that everything is taken care of for them, and that their staff is happy and feels appreciated.  I call the program “Easy Christmas”.

Here is how the “Easy Christmas” program works.  Simply provide me with the basic information for each employee (Their Gender and Name), and then set a budget for the person and I’ll take care of the rest.

Be assured that Mary Kay® offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if any of your employees would prefer to exchange their item them they are free to do so.



Thank you for allowing me to help you with making your employees feel special this year!




(Insert name)

Your Personal Mary Kay® Beauty Consultant

P.S. If you fill out the table on the next page and mail it back me; I’ll take care of the rest! Feel free to call if you have any questions, my direct number is (insert direct number)




(below this line is the next page) _____________________________________________________________________________


Business owner name: ___________________________________________________

Date: _________________________________________________________________

Phone number__________________________________________________________


Special instructions______________________________________________________




Employee Name         Gender (circle)             Budget


     Female        /      Male
     Female        /      Male
     Female        /      Male
     Female        /      Male
     Female        /      Male
     Female        /      Male
     Female        /      Male
     Female        /      Male
     Female        /      Male
     Female        /      Male
     Female        /      Male
     Female        /      Male


Thank you for your business!


When your done filling this form out, please mail it to:

(Insert your address)

* Please take a moment to call my office to let me know this letter is on the way, that way, if it get’s lost in the mail we will still have plenty of time to fill the order. Thanks!
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