New Mary Kay® Consultant Contact List

We created a great tracking sheet for the new Perfect Start, Power Start & Power Start Plus charms. Perfect for your new consultants to learn about the charms and track their progress at the same time. Today’s sheet is a great way for your new consultants to get started and it all begins with making a list of everyone they want to share their new business with.

Many new consultant packages have a printable list to help encourage new team members to take a moment and physically write out the people in their circle. So of course when QT Office was making a list we had to give it a 2013 make-over. In this day and age when we think of our “friends” we don’t always have full contact info like addresses. We do have phone numbers to call and text, and one of the wonderful perks of social media is we have a whole new circle of “friends” that we can reach out to. There are two types of “friends” in the social media world:

  • The group of friends we see or talk to often. We are close to them and feel comfortable inviting them to a business debut or to host a class for us.
  • The second are what most would refer to as acquaintances. We know them and like them. They are the people you follow to see what they are up to. You may “like” or comment on their posts, however you may not feel comfortable just picking up the phone and inviting them to hear about your new business. You should definitely reach out to them by messaging them or adding them to an event invite you send out about you new venture.

With this printable list we have added columns for name, phone and connected on FB/Twitter to help your new consultant realize that they really do know a lot of people. It’s the new modern-day list for your new consultant package.

Mary Kay Consultant Contact List

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